"Proverbs For Sam", the sixth album release by the Untempered Ensemble, is tribute to Bill Cole longtime musical partner Sam Furnace. Sam Furnace blew a mighty and brave but warm alto saxophone aside Cole until his untimely death from cancer in 2003. These live performances from the Vision Festival in New York City and at the Burlington, VT based Flynn Center in 2001 feature Bill Cole (sona, hojok, piri, nagaswarm, shenai, Tibetan trumpet, digeridoo and Ghanaian flute), Cooper-Moore (percussion, self-made instruments), Warren Smith (percussion, glockenspiel), Joe Daley (euphonium, tuba), William Parker (acoustic bass) and Sam Furnace (tenor sax).

"A bracing merger of East-West traditions recorded in the presence of an appreciative audience, Proverbs for Sam is a vibrant investigation of pan-global musical possibilities and a celebratory ode to a beloved artist." (Troy Collins - All About Jazz)

"This recording... has a depth, spirit, and soul transcending many other similar projects, while standing proudly alongside musics from the Art Ensemble, other A.A.C.M. groups, and the modernists of the African-American root-strata disapora self-determining tradition." (Michael G. Nastos, AllMusic.Com)

"Proverbs for Sam is a fitting tribute and carries a spiritual weight not found in most run-of-the-mill world music projects." (Jeff Stockton - All About Jazz)

This album is available at The Downtown Music Gallery (13 Monroe Street, New York, New York - also takes online orders) and The Bop Shop (1460 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York - also takes online orders). You can also order the CD via e-mail: just send your request to billcole@billcole.org